Saturday, September 13, 2014

New BX/LL Character Class: Bonobos
("Type B" Intelligent Animal")

Sorry it took me a while to get this final ape class written up. I was really struggling with how to make it unique from the others, but feel like I ended up at an interesting place... a "cleric/magic-user" (in the form of a shaman).


Level Title Exp. Points Hit Dice
1 Bonobo Soothsayer 0 1d4
2 Bonobo Wangateur 4,000 2d4
3 Bonobo Augurer 8,000 3d4
4 Bonobo Mender 16,000 4d4
5 Bonobo Enchanter 32,000 5d4
6 Bonobo Mali 64,000 6d4
7 Bonobo Mundunugu 125,000 7d4
8 Bonobo Sangoma 250,000 8d4
* Constitution adjustments no longer apply

Bonobos (a.k.a. “pygmy chimpanzees”) are more independent than their chimpanzee cousins. They are not so much inquisitive as introspective, and practice a form of animistic shamanism.

The prime requisites for bonobos are Intelligence and Wisdom. Bonobos with Intelligence and Wisdom scores of 13 or greater will gain a +5% bonus to earned experience points. Bonobos with a Wisdom score of at least 13 and an Intelligence score of 16 or greater, will gain a +10% bonus to earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Bonobos determine their hit points using four-sided dice (d4) They may advance to a maximum of 8th level of experience. They may not wear armor or use shields, and may only use a club as a weapon. A bonobo character may not have a strength score higher than 15.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Bonobos fight and save as magic-users of the same level, but may use any magic item permitted to either clerics or magic users. Bonobos gain spells as magic-user of the same level, but may choose spells from both the cleric and magic-user spell lists. They are able to use spells as a cleric (so they need not memorize them as a magic-user). Bonobos are able to climb trees as a thief of the same level. Like other apes, bonobos are able to swing through trees at a rate equal to their standard movement, and may hang from trees by their arms and use their feet attack and defend with -1 “to hit” and +1 AC penalties (respectively). In addition to common, bonobos speak the language of apes, and utilize a secret form of sign language understood only by other apes (including gibbons).


  1. er no mention of their polymorphous sexuality then?

    1. I was trying to avoid that. As well as the whole femdom aspect of a community run by females.

    2. They are a tad famous for all the uh....ape lovin.