Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New BX/LL Character Class: Siamangs
("Type B" Intelligent Animal")

Given everyone's interest in the ape classes I did a couple of weeks ago, and given that I could see an entire game world using nothing but ape classes, I decided to fill out the classes. I've decided to add siamangs and bonobos. While siamangs are (arguably) just gibbons, and bonobos are a chimp variant, they are each different enough from their related standard types, that some break them out classification-wise. Today is the siamang, and if I get my crap together for tomorrow, you should see the bonobo then.


Level Title Exp. Points Hit Dice
1 Siamang Medium 0 1d4
2 Siamang Seer 3,000 2d4
3 Siamang Conjurer/ess 6,000 3d4
4 Siamang Magician 12,000 4d4
5 Siamang Enchanter/ress 25,000 5d4
6 Siamang Warlock/Witch 50,000 6d4
7 Siamang Sorcerer/ess 100,000 7d4
8 Siamang Necromancer 200,000 8d4
9 Siamang Wizard/ess 300,000 9d4
10 10th Level Siamang Wizard/ess 400,000 9d4+1*
* Constitution adjustments no longer apply

Siamangs are larger species of gibbon, different enough from gibbons to be classified separately. Several features make them distinctly different from standard gibbons. First, siamangs are often twice the size of standard gibbons, having longer, denser shaggy hair, often quite dark in color. Second, the first two digits of each of a siamang’s feet feature a thin connecting membrane. Finally, siamangs have a gular sac, a large throat pouch that can be inflated to the size of its head. This gular sac enables the siamang to make loud, resonating calls and songs. It is this sac (through these powerful calls and songs) that enables them to be quite capable spellcasters.

The prime requisite for an siamang is Intelligence. Siamangs with an Intellgigence score of 13 or greater will gain a +10% bonus to earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Siamangs determine their hit points using four-sided dice (d4). They may advance to a maximum of 10th level of experience. Siamangs are prohibited from wearing any type of armor or using a shield, and may only use a dagger as a weapon.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Siamangs fight and save as magic-users of the same level, and may use the same magic items permitted to magic users. Siamangs also use spells as a magic-user of the same level and are able to climb trees as a thief of the same level. Like other apes, siamangs are able to swing through trees at a rate equal to their standard movement, and may hang from trees by their arms and use their feet attack and defend with -1 “to hit” and +1 AC penalties (respectively). In addition to common, Siamangs speak the language of apes, and use the sign language understood by apes, but are able to use the sign language “dialect” of gibbons.

Beginning at 9th level, siamangs gain the ability to create magic items (as a magic-user).

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