Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New BX/LL Character Class: Lions
("Type B" Intelligent Animal")

Below is a continuation of my posts of "Type B" intelligent animals (which are slightly anthropomorphic, as opposed to the "Type A" versions which are simply talking versions of the normal animal type). So far, most of the level limits have been fairly low (e.g., Wolverines and Foxes are limited to 8th level, and Cats are limited to 6th). But something about lions (and their fabled history) suggests a higher level limit (or possibly no limit at all). The XP/Level chart below has the XP ranks based on a limit of 12th level. Should I go with unlimited levels for lions, then I'll definitely have to recalculate.


Level Title Exp.
Hit Dice
1 Lion Veteran 0 1d10
2 Lion Warrior 1,800 2d10
3 Lion Swordmaster 3,700 3d10
4 Lion Hero 7,500 4d10
5 Lion Swashbuckler 15,000 5d10
6 Lion Myrmidon 30,000 6d10
7 Lion Champion 60,000 7d10
8 Lion Superhero 120,000 8d10
9 Lion Lord 240,000 9d10
10 10th Level Lion Lord 360,000 9d10+3
11 11th Level Lion Lord 480,000 9d10+6
12 12th Level Lion Lord 600,000 9d10+9

Lions are among the strongest and bravest warriors that have ever lived. They are equally fierce, wise, and inspiring, making them natural leaders.

The prime requisite for a lion is Strength. Lions with a Strength score of 13 or greater will gain a +10% bonus to earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Lions determine their hit points using ten-sided dice (d10). They may advance to a maximum of 12th level of experience. Lions may use any type of weapon, any type of armor, and may use shields. A lion character must have minimum scores of 9 in both their Wisdom and Charisma.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lions fight and save as fighters of the same level, and may use the same magic items permitted to fighters.

Lions are natural commanders. When in command of a relatively small (2-20) group, all members of the group receive a +1 bonus to their morale (in addition to any morale bonuses due to the lion’s Charisma score). Beginning at 5th level, a lion is able to issue a battle roar once per day that inspires a small group under his command, providing those making melee attacks with +1 “to hit” and damage bonuses, and providing a +1 “to hit” bonus (but no damage bonus) to other forms of attack by members of the group. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the lion’s level.

At higher levels, a lion with enough money may establish a stronghold. Beginning at 9th level, a lion character may establish a barony. Unlike human baronies, the lands of a lion’s barony need not be cleared, as many of the subjects of the barony will be animals who choose to reside in natural habitats.


  1. So the big difference between Lions and Fighters would be that instead of getting multiple attacks at higher levels, the Lion has the commander and battle roar abilities?

    1. And, they're *Lions"!

      As a Leo, I endorse -- and will be yoinking -- this class.

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