Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New BX/LL Character Class: Gorillas
("Type B" Intelligent Animal")

Welcome to day 4 of "Ape Week" with the intelligent animal character classes. Monday was the chimp. Yesterday was the gibbon. Today is the gorilla. And tomorrow will be the Orangutan.


Level Title Exp. Points Hit Dice
1 Gorilla Veteran 0 1d10
2 Gorilla Warrior 2,200 2d10
3 Gorilla Swordmaster 5,000 3d10
4 Gorilla Hero 10,000 4d10
5 Gorilla Swashbuckler 20,000 5d10
6 Gorilla Myrmidon 40,000 6d10
7 Gorilla Champion 80,000 7d10
8 Gorilla Superhero 150,000 8d10
9 Gorilla Lord 125,000 9d10
10 10th Level Gorilla Lord 300,000 9d10+3*
11 11th Level Gorilla Lord 450,000 9d10+6*
12 12th Level Gorilla Lord 600,000 9d10+9*
* Constitution adjustments no longer apply

Gorillas are fierce and fearless warriors, and rarely fail to instill dread into any opponent they face.

The prime requisite for gorillas is Strength. Gorillas with a Strength score of 13 or greater will gain a +10% bonus to earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Gorillas determine their hit points using tend-sided dice (d10) They may advance to a maximum of 12th level of experience. They may wear any type of armor and use a shield, and may utilize any type of weapon.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Gorillas are able to employ two single-handed weapons at the same time (making a separate “to hit” roll for each, and eliminating the ability to use a shield at the same time). Gorillas fight and save as a fighter of the same level. Gorillas are able to climb as a thief of the same level, even while wearing chain or plate armor. They may also move through trees (by swinging) at a rate equal to half their standard movement (assuming the branches of the trees are strong enough to suppor their weight). Like all apes, gorillas may hang from trees by their arms and use their feet to wield weapons and bear shields, with -1 “to hit” and +1 AC penalties (respectively), and may wield two-handed weapons in this manner with a -2 “to hit” penalty. In addition to common, Gorillas speak the language of apes, and utilize a secret form of sign language understood only by other apes (including gibbons).

Beginning at 5th level, gorillas are able to use a gaze attack that will stun an opponent for 1d4+1 rounds (on a failed saving throw vs. paralysis). This gaze attack may only be made against opponents which the gorilla has engaged in melee, but may be made in addition to any other attacks the gorilla makes for the round. If the gorilla makes any melee attacks for the round, the gaze attack must be made against one of the gorilla’s melee opponents. This ability may only be used once per round against a single opponent.

Beginning at 10th level, a gorilla may assemble a troop of 10-40 apes. This group will live nomadically and be run as a khanate, with the strongest gorilla acting as the group’s leader.


  1. "Ape shall not kill Ape" but type B animal characters have no such restriction...

  2. Hope you still have plans to put out an animal class book.