Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New BX/LL Character Class: Gibbons
("Type B" Intelligent Animal")

Welcome to day 2 of "Ape Week" with the intelligent animal character classes. Yesterday was the chimp. Today is the gibbon. Wednesday will be the gorilla. And Thursday will be the Orangutan.


Level Title Exp. Points Hit Dice
1 Gibbon Apprentice 0 1d4
2 Gibbon Footpad 1,300 2d4
3 Gibbon Robber 2,600 3d4
4 Gibbon Burglar 5,000 4d4
5 Gibbon Cutpurse 10,000 5d4
6 Gibbon Sharperer 20,000 6d4
7 Gibbon Pilferer 40,000 7d4
8 Gibbon Thief 80,000 8d4

Gibbons are graceful and nimble, with a high-level of manual dexterity, particularly suited to thieving abilities.

The prime requisite for gibbons is Dexterity. Gibbons with a Dexterity score of 13 or greater will gain a +10% bonus to earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Gibbons determine their hit points using four-sided dice (d4) They may advance to a maximum of 8th level of experience. They may wear nothing more protective than leather armor, and may not use a shield. They may use any weapon of normal or small size, but may not use long bows or two-handed swords. A gibbon character may not have a strength score higher than 12.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Gibbons possess theieves’ abilities as a theif of the same level. Furthermore, they fight and save as a thief of the same level. Like other apes, they are able to swing through trees at a rate equal to their standard movement, and may hang from trees by their arms and use their feet to wield weapons with a -1 “to hit” penalty. In addition to common, Gibbons speak the language of apes. Ironically, while their hands are particulary suited to thieving work, their morphology limits their signing ability. While they easily understand the sign language of apes, there is only a 70% chance that when signing to other apes (including other gibbons) that they’re meaning will be understood correctly. Gibbons do, however, have a “dialect” of this sign language particular to gibbons, which will be understood 100% of the time by other gibbons.

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