Monday, July 1, 2013

Ogress of Anubis: Free PDF Now Available!

After Welbo and I did a run-through of the adventure Friday night, I realized it had a few holes to be filled. That meant going from 12 pages to 16. So what are you getting now? Information for adapting to different OSR rules editions; adventure background; regional overview (small map + info on villages and wandering monsters); information on the temple compound and its vicinity (including wandering monsters); a detailed map of the temple compound; a 4-page detailed encounter key for the temple compound; new monster (animal mummy w/ 7 variants, statted for Oe/BX/1e); "generic" stats for all monsters and NPCs mentioned in the adventure; 12 pre-generated NPCs w/ details; 10 adventure seeds (for continuing adventures in the area); and 8 additional unkeyed maps (7 tombs, 2 caves, 1 sunken city) for use with the adventure seeds.

And it's abso-freaking-lutely free!
Available at this link from >>

New preview image below.