Monday, July 15, 2013

Now Available: Valley of the Five Fires in Print & PDF
+ Video Walkthrough & Twitter Winners!
+ Ogress of Anubis now in print!

First off, congrats to the winners of my Valley of the Five Fires Twitter Giveaway: Art Braun (Print+PDF copies); Tim Knight (PDF copy); Dave Millar (PDF Copy). Winners, please send your email address to (and, Art, please include your snail mailing address and phone number), and I'll get you guys taken care of.

I've already done some Valley of the Five Fires pagination previews of the 56-page interior on this one, but I thought it also deserved a video walkthrough (at bottom of post).

Valley of the Five Fires PDF: $4.95 from RPGNow >>
Valley of the Five Fires Print: $11.95 from Lulu >>

Plus, if you enjoyed the free PDF of The Ogress of Anubis that's available at RPGNow,
and you really want a print copy, now you can get the 16-page
The Ogress of Anubis in print at only 25 cents above cost! ($5.95) from Lulu >>

And now for my fancy video walkthrough...

Also, thanks for everyone's response to my first foray into the zine and pay-what-you-want worlds, The Dragon Horde (available in PDF from RPGNow). For a brief period or two during the weekend, you helped me outrank the D&D Rules Cyclopedia PDF in the top 5 of RPGNow's Hot 100! I cannot tell you how absolutely cool that felt!

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