Monday, July 22, 2013

d30 Sandbox Companion Pagination

I know I recently reported that I'm on the final leg of the work on the d30 Sandbox Companion. More importantly, now that I know what everything in the book will be, and WHERE it will be, I have a final pagination ready! There's a bit of intro writing, a bit of table refining, and a good amount of proofing to be done, but we're close.

So without further ado, I present the final list of pages & content for the d30 Sandbox Companion.

1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents
3-5. Using this Book
6. Wilderness Mapping Key
7. Hex Crawl Worksheet
8. Settlement Worksheet
9. NPC Record Sheet
10. Adventure Generator Tables I
11. Adventure Generator Tables II
12. Hex Terrain Generator
13. Natural Features & Phenomena by Terrain Typ3
14. Prevailing Weather Conditions by Season, Climate & Terrain
15. Weather Events by Precipitation Class
16. Off-course Determination
17. Foraging & Hunting by Terrain & Season
18. Inhabitation Determination by Terrain Type & Population Density
19. Ruins Generator
20. Temple Generator
21. Cult Generator
22. Magical Places Generator
23. Pilgrims Generator
24-25. Road Encounters
26. Castle/Stronghold Generator I: Resident/Owner and Patrol Size/Makeup
27. Castle/Keep/Stronghold Generator II: Stronghold Construction, Type, and Size
28. Heraldry Generator
29. Expanded Heraldry Charges/Sigils
30. Settlement Background
31. Miscellaneous Settlement Encounters
32. City Guards, City Watch, Border Patrols
33. Methods of Torture & Execution
34. Settlement Suppliers by Size of Settlement
35. Settlement Shop Stocker
36. Tavern Name Generator
37. Tavern Accommodations, Features, Reputation, and Food
38. Classed NPCs: Class, Race, Sex, & Level Determination
39. Classed NPCs: Quick Attribute Generation
40. Classed NPCs: Quick Character Inventory
41. Classed NPCs: Quick Magic Item Determination
42. Freeman NPC Occupations
43. Nobles and Noble Household Personnel
44-45. Sage Generator
46. NPC Physical Traits
47. NPC Persona & Behavior
48. NPC Background, Eccentricities, and Talents
49. Language Determination and Languages Spoken Crib Sheet
50-51. Henchmen/Hirelings Recruitment
52. Index & Open Game License