Friday, June 28, 2013

Ogress of Anubis: Preview of Free PDF

First off, an apology. I realized as I was trying to put the entire encounter key for this past Monday's map into a blog post, it was going to take a long time to typeset, and wouldn't be terribly user friendly. Since the plan all along was a free PDF of the whole thing (map, encounter key, etc.), that I'd just do a preview of the entire layout today, and then let you know it will be available Monday a.m. for FREE from RPGNow. I'm not even going to do a "pay what you want." I'm simply going to make it free. And then, in about a week, a print version will be available (at cost) from Lulu.

So here's what you get for the incredibly low price of absolutely nothing....
• an adventure that's Oe/BX/1e (and compatible) ready
• page 1: a fancy cover page with vintage clip art!
• page 2: an overview on adapting to editions, and the adventure introduction
• page 3: an area map (no scale), overview of the villages, and wandering monster tables
• page 4: a map of the temple
• pages 5-7: the encounter key for the temple map
• page 8: new monster info for the animal mummy
• page 9: monster stats (for wandering and encounter monsters), and NPC information
• page 10: twelve pre-generated characters, with stats and equipment
• page 11: ten adventure seeds (one of which has variations for every village)
• page 12: the obligatory OGL and © information

And it's all packaged into 12-pages so you can print it on tabloid paper and saddle-stitch. Or let the free PDF help you decide whether it's going to be worth the $5.53 for the fancy Lulu version with the added color cover! Which, by the way, will available the following Monday (July 8) at the same time as... The Valley of the Five Fires. (Huzzah!)


  1. Thanks, Mike. But it turns out I've got some MAJOR adjusting to do throughout. Should still have it ready for Monday, though.