Monday, June 24, 2013

Temple of the Darkmoon Sun (TBD)
Free Map Today; Encounter Key Wednesday

While Welbo and I put the finishing touches on Valley of the Five Fires I needed a "short-term" distraction. I decided to do sort of a themed week, but not necessarily make a big deal about it. What I've got is a small adventure entitled Temple of the Darkmoon Sun. This has nothing to do with the Temple of the Darkmoon Talisman map from September of last year, other than I like the sound of the word "darkmoon." Today, I'm just posting a JPG of the map, but later this week (aiming for Wednesday) the encounter key will follow.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I have a killer new monster, which I have to post before the encounter key (since the encounter key includes the variants of the new monster). When I sent the preview of the new monster to Welbo, I commented that it was "one of my most inspired monsters yet," to which he replied, "ooooh ... that is cool!" It was actually the new monster that got me inspired to put together this quickie mini-adventure; plus I haven't done one in a while and felt like it was due.

So where was I? Oh yeah... today is the map, tomorrow is the new monster, Wednesday is the encounter key, and Thursday will be all the NPC information. (I might flip Wed. and Thu.) Then, if all works out as planned, I'll have a free PDF version ready for download on Friday (probably through RPGNow). So, feel free to copy today's map and tomorrow's monster and the rest of the week's stuff and assemble it yourself; but by the time you get it done, the free PDF should be ready.


  1. I know all too well how it is to get enamoured with a word and not realise how it sounds to others, so I'm telling you this in friendship: to my ears, "dark moon sun" sounds hella lame.

  2. I appreciate the honesty and note taken. I guess I'll let it gel and see how it shakes out as the week progresses.