Thursday, June 20, 2013

Community Geomorph Project:
Update and Call for New Submissions

First, a little housekeeping...

The illustrious contributors thus far should have received an email last night with a link to a download. In that zipped download file are two folders—one with JPGs of your original submissions, and one with PDFs of my "re-draws" of your submission. As per the instructions in the email, make any marks or notes as you want (either as sticky notes on the PDF, as a marked up JPG, or as simple text directions in the email referencing the file name and the location of the geomorph in question). If any (or all) of them are okay as is, please respond with a note letting me know which ones are good to do.

Now, on to the new submission call...

As I mentioned in my post back in mid-May, I'm now calling for specific themes. Feel free to mix them up on the submission pages. What I mean is, there's no need to make all 4 geomorphs on the page the same theme; feel free to mix and match (I'm going to deal with "re-mixing" them later based on the total submissions).

Here's what I'm looking for right now...

Basic Dungeons: Believe it or not, I feel like the book could use some more basic dungeon sections. You know, black backgrounds with hallways and rooms. A few doors. Maybe a pit or a secret door or two, but nothing crazy or over-the-top regarding basic dungeon appointment. Yup. Nothing special, but still necessary.

Dead Ends: I'd like to see some geomorphs where none of the entrances into the geomorph lead to any other entrance in the geomorph. Be creative! Wind them! Overlap them! Make them connected but impassable! Add stairs and slopes!

Libraries and Labs: One big room or lots of little connected rooms or something in between. Maybe this Seinfeld clip will give you some inspiration. >>

Communal Living Spaces: This can be anything. Some barracks? For clerics? Caves for a tribe? A prison inside?

Temples: Try this Google search for inspiration. >>

Labyrinths: I'll be honest, after drawing a couple this year, I'd almost have been just as happy to pick up an existing one. I'm surprised I didn't get more of these the first round; that's why I'm asking for them now. Constructed or cave, either is good.

Spaces with large/strange objects in them: So far, I've gotten one with a giant tree, one with a purple worm carcass, and one with a space ship. There's an old advertising trick I like to use—incongruity. What object could be there that obviously doesn't belong (like the space ship), or what object might normally be small but in the geomorph is large/giant/huge? If you can't draw well enough to have the object look like what you're intending, just put a note for me and I'll figure it out.

ONE MORE GENERAL REQUEST!!! Please mark each of the four geomorphs on each page with the intended theme. I'd hate to accidentally put your "dead end" submission in the "labyrinth" section because I couldn't tell the difference.

How to submit...

Send your scribbles, sketches or whatever to Please include your name as you'd like it to appear (pseudonyms or nicknames are okay if that's what you'd prefer), and your blog or web site address or both (or neither if you have neither).

Need the links to the templates again? Here ya go!
Community Geomorph Master Sheet as PDF
Community Geomorph Master Sheet as low res JPG

Happy Geomorphing!


  1. will that be the cover ?
    I dig it.

  2. Right now that's the plan. I wanted something reminiscent of the original TSR Dungeon Geomorphs cover, but with an adult rather than a kid.

  3. ive been keeping a pad of blanks for doodling on and for drawing in play improv maps on - so will have a scanning session

  4. @Konsumterra: Looking forward to seeing them!