Friday, April 5, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 5
Epsilon (Ε): Emerald Entrance

Entry 5 for The Lost Catacombs of Kadmos

You exit the extended hallway and emerge into a circular room where faux columns are set at 15° intervals around the perimeter. In the middle of the room is a small white doric stone pedestal approximately 18" in diameter, with a 24" square base and table. Atop the table is a shallow tray in which are set a mix of table-cut emeralds and diamonds arranged in a sort of "E-shaped" pattern. The only access to the room appears to be the opening through which you entered (between 2 of the faux columns.)

Removing any single jewel (diamond or emerald) from the tray will cause the entrance to disappear, and be replaced by wall similar to the rest of the room. Removing all of the diamonds from the tray will cause the wall between the columns opposite the entry to disappear, allowing access to the next hallway. The original entrance to the room may only remain open if all of the emeralds and diamonds are placed back into the "E-shaped" pattern; they do not have to be "exactly" where they were; any diamond may be placed in any diamond "slot" and any emerald may be placed in any emerald "slot."

The irony of this room is that exiting the catacombs requires all of the jewels to be left in place. (However, should the characters be able to cast a spell like "passwall," or possess a magic item like "oil of etherealness, they will be able to exit with the jewels.)

Each emerald is worth approximately 1,000 gp. The diamonds are relatively flawed (with some inclusions and mild discolorations) and are worth about 2,500 gp each.

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