Monday, April 15, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 13
Nu (Ν): Neanderthal to Primitive Man

Entry 13 for The Lost Catacombs of Kadmos

The long walls of this gallery-like room are covered with über-realistically painted frescoes of cave exteriors and feature 12 different cave entrances (6 on each wall) each guarded by a neanderthal with a spear. The centerpiece of the room is a fresco on the far wall that depicts a primitive man making a painting of a mastodon on his cave wall in front of his family.

The entrances to the caves painted on the side walls are actually teleportation "gates" and will transport those who enter to various spots around the catacombs. Roll 1d12: 1=Alpha, 2=Beta, 3=Gamma, 4=Delta, 5=Epsilon, 6=Zeta, 7=Eta, 8=Theta, 9=Iota, 10=Kappa, 11=Lambda, 12=Mu. The centerpiece fresco is an illusory wall and can be passed through directly to the next area.


  1. If the PCs teleported to one of the first 4 rooms with the Epsilon Emeralds they could theoretically escape with them... if they were lucky enough!

  2. Absolutely. But it would also mean not getting into that room again from the "front end" of the catacombs (without the assistance of something like passwall, etc.). So they could theoretically "lock themselves out" from entering the Epsilon room again.

    This assumes that I don't build in some kind of "back door" before I'm done. (Even though some of the "front end" rooms were written before the blog challenge began, most of these "back end" rooms are being written as I go).