Thursday, April 4, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 4
Delta (Δ): Dozens of Doors

Entry 4 for The Lost Catacombs of Kadmos

You come to a small, unassuming wooden door. Set upon the door is a small brass plaque (approximately 9" tall), which is engraved to resemble the door your viewing, plaque and all. THe detail of the plaque on the engraving of the door appears to be that of a yet smaller door and smaller plaque.

Closer and closer examination of the engraving reveals what appears to be an infinite number of “doors within doors” on each susccessively smaller plaque in the engraving.

The first door opens easily, revealing the next set of doors.

This area of the catacombs is simply a labyrinth of doors (secret, one-way, false, etc.) to be navigated by the PCs until they reach the next area.


  1. you are getting vignetting in your photograph.
    try opening up the aperture and going with a faster shutter speed.

    ... or (if you have a more modern camera) use aperture-priority mode.

    That should fix the issue. (thx)

  2. That's called "speshul F X", Chico!

  3. You may have accidentally just inspired a set of geomorph tiles based on doors.

  4. @DM: Go for it! I'll actually be updating everyone soon on the Community Geomorph Project and would love to have a page of "door inspired" geomorphs.