Monday, April 29, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 25: 24 Cursed Magic Items
(Treasure List for Eggs of Vice)

Entry 25 for The Lost Catacombs of Kadmos

Just a reminder: the Greek alphabet has only 24 letters, so the A-to-Z posting finished up for me on Saturday. I am, however, using today (and tomorrow) as an "addendum" to the challenge.

As promised in Saturday's post of the Omega (Ω) Room, below are the treasures imparted by the eggs from the Omega (Ω) Room on the Path of Vice. (For information on the Path of Virtue and the Path of Vice, see Upsilon (Υ): The Paths of Vice & Virtue.)

I had originally intended that the 24 eggs in the Omega (Ω) Room on the Path of Virtue contain 24 different magical boons, but have since decided that all of the Eggs of Virtue will impart the same magical boon... a permanent 1 pt. increase to the characters lowest ability score. This boon is granted to each character as they crack the egg they choose and are teleported outside the catacombs. This way, none of them know what's inside the eggs (and will think that they are individually choosing their reward, since other members of their party will disappear before the PCs remaining in the room know what was inside the previous egg).

The Eggs of Vice will transport the characters in a similar manner (but put each PC at within a 100 mile radius of the catacombs at a disparate location from the others). While the boon for the Eggs of Virtue are all the same (per above), the treasure granted by each Egg of Vice is a different story...

BTW, don't forget tomorrow is the complete map of the catacombs.

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