Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 10
Kappa (Κ): Keys & Kobolds

Entry 10 for The Lost Catacombs of Kadmos

This square room measures roughly 60' along each featureless wall. In the middle of the room is what appears to be a a 5' cubed iron box protruding directly from the floor. The top of the box is held closed by four padlocks (one on each side). An inscription on the “lid” reads:

“Kudos to those who utter these sounds
to find both this box and its guards unbound.”

The four locks are each trapped with poison that causes death in 3d6 turns. The lid is also magically held. If anyone says the inscription aloud, the magical hold will be dispelled and, at the same time, 4 kobolds (hp: 4 ea., armed with short swords and shields) will appear in the corners of the room (one in each corner), attacking with an initiative bonus of +1.

Each kobold wears a small iron chain necklace from which dangles a key. Each of the keys opens one of the locks on the lid to the box. “Inside” the box is a ladder the descends a passageway leading straight down for some distance.

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