Monday, August 27, 2012

New Monster Index: Oe/1e/BX Stats for 30+ Spiders!
Free PDF Download - Monster Index: Spiders


First it was stats for 30 dinosaurs. Then it was stats for 71 lycanthropes. Last go 'round, it was stats for 50 giants. And since you seem to love downloadin' 'em as much as I dig compiling them, here come the 31 spiders!

Like the Monster Indexes that have come before, I've combed a couple of decades' worth of 1e, 2e and BECMI resources for stats and information on all the spiders I could find that still felt old-school, adjusted a few other so they would be, and then added 1 or 2 or 3 (e.g., my bone tarantula and taroltula creations, and most recently the giant trogloraptor spider). In this 4-page PDF you'll find stats for 31 spiders (mainly of the "giant" variety), including number appearing and (in some cases) lairs and locales.

Please note! This is really a working document, but it should be 99% complete. It just means that I have not given it a thorough proofing, though I did give it a couple of "once overs."

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item MX3, Monster Index: Spiders
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