Wednesday, August 8, 2012

d30 Sandbox Week Day 3: d30 Tavern Generator

Today's d30 Sandbox Week entry is the companion to the Tavern Name Generator (which I had a ton of fun working on, and even more fun putting it into use). Today's was a bit more of a workhorse, by comparison. But be careful... every time I read the food results, I get terribly hungry. (Link at bottom of post.)

More importantly, forcing myself to work on the d30 Sandbox charts this week has been pretty productive. In addition to the charts you'll be seeing this week, I've also made headway on the following charts:

- Noble Household NPCs (30 nobles, 30 household officers, 30 misc. servants/slaves; 90% complete)

- NPC Physical Traits, Personality and Quirks
(a refinement/update/expansion of the version from the d30 DM Companion; 100% complete)

- NPC Height Generator by Race
(incl. half-orcs, humans, half-elves, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings; 100% complete)

- plus I'm still working the vegetation page (including silhouettes of flower shapes; 25%?)

The d30 Sandbox Companion is now looking to be about 44 pages (8 pages more than the DM Companion), and that's without any sort of monster encounter charts (discussed in Sunday's post); although there are plenty of other encounter charts/tables.

On a side note, whilst cleaning out my garage last week, I finally found my copy of The Armory's 30 Sided Dice Gaming Tables. It's been a while (10+ years?) since it was in my "direct" possession (that is, on a shelf nearby). I had forgotten about the small, round, dayglo orange sticker on the cover that reads "30 sided used - $1.00." I've had this book since it was brand new (a high school gift from a non-gamer friend who understood my obsession), and it was nice to re-discover it. I think I'm more amazed that this book could be sold for $1 when new.

To download a free PDF of this d30 Tavern Generator from MediaFire, click here.


  1. Hi, I just bought a copy of the d30 DM Companion about a week ago. I thought you might like to know what I particularly like about it:

    The Dungeon Mapping Master Key. There's some things here I haven't seen before.

    Molds, Slimes and Mushrooms. I've never seen a random generator for these before, and this is great for atmosphere.

    The inclusion of some unusual monsters in the monster encounter tables.

    All of the magic-items tables, because it's always good to have non-standard magic items.

  2. Are all the charts you post here on this blog eventually going to be in a published product? Because if they are I'll wait for the pdf rather than printing them all out individually.

  3. Thanks Akiyama! The quick answer to your question about another published product is yes. You can either check out the Old School Adventure Accessories page (on bar at top of blog: ) and know that most of the d30 charts published on this blog over the last few months will be in the d30 Sandbox Companion. (Check out the "LABELS" tab in the right hand column of the blog and click on the "d30 Sandbox Companion" link for all the related blog posts.)