Friday, August 17, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: 30 Named Magic Swords

This week's d30 feature was supposed to be part of last week's "incomplete" d30 Week. Long story short, I was unexpectedly out for a few days, which interrupted both regular work deadlines as well as my blogginly duties.

All of the named swords on this chart do come from either history or legend/myth, but probably aren't nearly as strong/powerful as they could be for magic swords of their reputation — there's only so much info you can get on 1 page. Without getting into a multi-page, full-blown description of the items, what's on this chart should get the broad strokes across. Obviously, feel free to enhance, add to, or otherwise expand upon these.

To download a free PDF of this d30 Named Magic Swords chart from MediaFire, click here.

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