Thursday, August 23, 2012

BX Psionics Adaptation?

Does anybody know if anyone's done it?

Or have suggestions for something simple?

Long story short, I have a handful of monsters in the Creature Compendium with psionic abilities, and don't want BX users to just have to "throw out" those monsters' abilities (in all 4 cases, they are specifically psionic-centric creatures). The handful of druid and illusionist spells that a few of the other monsters have I can deal with easily. It's the 4 psionic ones that I'd hate for BX users to have to throw out.

My initial thought is to create an appendix where the psionic abilities are essentially converted into "spells" for BX use.

Pictured at left, Trifixion (1999) by Jeroen van Valkenburg


  1. One thing that I like about BX particularly is that it simply says the monster can do this, a certain number of times per day, regardless of what it is or how it's described in fluff. One can even arbitrarily rule that the power isn't effected by Dispel Magic since it isn't magic per se...

    Other editions do at as well, but I think I first really noticed it in BX because of its overall clarity.

  2. I think that's what I'm going to essentially do in an appendix. For example, if you see "this" psionic ability listed, it means the creature can do "such and such". I'm envisioning it as what you're describing... psionics for BX described as a list of special abilities with information about how they're used.