Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Game I Put Some Work Into
But Am 99.9% Sure You'll Never See...

I worked on this baby in the mid-90s. This tabletop wargame would pit "citizen" factions (e.g., protestors, rioters, etc.) against various police forces (riot police, SWAT teams, etc.) I didn't get terribly far, but that's a lot more than you'd think, considering these kind of wargames don't exactly re-invent the wheel:
1) give every body ("each counter") an attack type/rating
2) give every body a defense type/rating
3) create some d6 based combat charts
4) determine conditions for victory

I just felt like as much as I liked the idea at the time, it just wouldn't be too commercially viable. But given the current state of POD resources (like Superior POD), it wouldn't take nearly the financial obligation now as it would have in 1996.

If nothing else, I really dig the Squad Leader inspired cover.

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