Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giant Week Day 4: Free Oe/1e/BX Mini-adventure for Characters level 6-9 - Foray to Filmarion Wood

I know that on Sunday when I announced Giant Week, I mentioned that I would have a free adventure today that would start to fill in the Nimmerland Hex Crawl. That was my intention, anyway. But as I started to flesh things out for the stone giant encounters on Rock Island, it got unwieldy... quickly. I will continue to flesh out those ideas (which I'm really digging), but it may be a while before the world sees them.

Instead, submitted for your approval, I present an adventure based on Tuesday's new monster, the dirt giant. (I guess it's too late for a spoiler alert at this point.)

Foray to Filmarion Wood
The link to download Foray to Filmarion Wood, an Oe/1e/BX mini-adventure for characters levels 6-9, can be found over on the Old-school Adventures™ page.

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