Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free Download: Treasure Type Comparison PDF (Oe, Holmes, 1e, BX)

I've been very fascinated for quite some time with the early edition treasure type charts. I really started to dig into them when I "re-imagined" them for the d30 DM Companion (reducing the number of rolls required as much as possible.) And now, as I continue to work up new monsters with dual stats, I'm constantly trying to figure out which treasure types I should be giving them so they "jive" not just which each other, but with comparable monsters and treasure types for those editions (Oe/BX).

While I thought I'd seen some sort of treasure type comparison spreadsheet before, I couldn't find one. (Then I realized I was probably thinking of this spell comparison.) So I created one.

The PDF compares the treasure types from the following editions
(listed by the notations in column 2 of the pages in PDF):

Oe: per W.B. Monsters & Treasure (1974)
H: per Holmes Basic (1977)
1e: per Monster Manual (1977)
BX: per Moldvay Red (1981)

My takeaways, as briefly as possible:
- Holmes seems to be a "direct expansion" of Oe (adds types J to T, little %/amount changes)
- 1e expands to Z the same time (year) as Holmes, but w/ a few noticeable changes in %/amount
- BX shares most of Holmes's %/amount but re-orders individual types, throws in a couple of new types (BX types U and V differ any prev. types), and stops at V (1e went to Z years before)



  1. You're welcome, Derek! It was something I was kind of working on anyway. I've put together a separate two-pager (letter-sized, B&W) with all four TTs separately (Oe, 1e, HB, and BX) with simplified rolling directions—it does not reduce rolls like DM Companion, but puts the % terms as ranges on d20, and lists thousands as XdX notations (e.g., 1-3/1d6). Unfortunately, I'm not planning on posting it for at least 10 days because I'm doing another themed week next week. Look for info on the theme announcement Sunday.

  2. Wow, you may be the Hardest Working Man in the OSR! Your, at least, one of the hardest working men in the OSR, for sure!

  3. The download link isn't working for me. Is the link dead, or is it just me? Thanks!

  4. I just tried it and it seems to be working. Here's the mediafire link:
    Just copy it and paste it into your browser. That should do the trick.