Monday, July 9, 2012

Giant Week Day 1: Oe/1e/BX Stats for 50 Giants!
Free PDF - Monster Index: Giants

Let me start by saying, this is not a "pocket-sized" index. It is a 7-page letter-sized PDF and the image above is for effect. I just don't want anybody saying, "Awww. I thought it was going to be tiny. That would have been cool!" (Yeah, sure. Until you tried to read it.)

Like the Lycanthrope Index, I've combed a couple of decades' worth of 1e, 2e and BECMI editions, manuals, appendices, and Drag-mag articles for stats and information on all the giants I could find that still felt old-school, adjusted a few other so they would be, and then added 1 or 2. In this 7-page PDF you'll find stats for 50 different giants, including the physical description (incl. height), treasure type, intellgience, alignment, locales in which they're found, and type of lair (and in some cases, their in-lair animals).

Click here to download a free PDF of Old-school Adventure Accessories™
item MX2, Monster Index: Giants
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  1. Sweet! Thanks for putting this (and the lycanthrope pdf) together!

  2. Thanks! There's also an older dinosaur download that's similar (not sure if you've seen it):

    And I've been working on dragon one as well (that one's going to take a while).

  3. These are great! Thanks so much!!