Sunday, July 29, 2012

From the Vault... StoryCode AG Sketches (mid-1990s)

This weekend, I dug pretty hard through the garage, trying to get rid of a lot of trash and preparing for the upcoming garage sale my wife and I are having. As is inevitable every time I dig in the garage, I find old game stuff (e.g., my previous posts regarding the undertemple map and the map of the wizard's keep.)

While going through some old sketchbooks, I came across (or should I say "finally found") the sketchbook with my initial sketches for the anime RPG I started working on in the mid 1990s (originally titled "Gokko" but renamed "StoryCode AG"). Regular readers of this blog (particularly those that have been around a while) might recall my posts about the tri-color dice mechanic, or the quick-character generator (all characters in StoryCode AG were to be randomly created - very OSR in my opinion.)

Anyway, here are some of the sketches I worked up in the mid-'90s. (The first one is the sketch I did for the cover, with a recent envisioning of the cover layout.)

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  1. I really like 3-of-7 (the arm-ripper) and 6-of-7 (the mech-suits).

    3 has some great energy to it, and 6 has a nice style, and rough inking.

    I know your recent inking style makes use of the brush pen, but 6 looks nice with the more traditional line and cross-hatching.