Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Giant Week Day 3: Separated at Birth - Giant Edition

Tramp's fire giant and Madonna. Yeah, I know this one isn't that great. That's why I started with it.

The hill giant and Brittany Spears. I wonder which one is smarter.

The storm giant and giant douche Rick Perry. Look... I'm from Texas AND I'm a republican (sort of), so I can say that.

The frost giant and actor/turned rapper/turned back to actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Tramp's stone giant and John Hamm as the stone-hearted Don Draper from AMC's Mad Men.

The cloud giant (another Tramp classic) and super-funky-thump-slap-bassist Flea from the RHCPs.

The giants from BX blue and the cast of Reno 911.


  1. Ha, very cool. I think your Madonna one is right on. They are doing the same teeth pose. I did not know there was such a thing until now. But all very good.

  2. Thanks, Tim. I've only done 3 so far (if you hit the label "separated at birth" you'll get all 3). I'd like to do a Deities & Demigods edition or two at some point. Usually this is the kind of post I throw together as "filler" for a slow blog week.