Sunday, November 6, 2011

d30 Bonus Edition: "Vintage" To Hit Area Chart (1983)

So while looking through some of my old gaming materials (and by old, I mean early 1980s,) I came across this beauty... a d30 Hit Area Chart I developed sometime during my freshman year of high school. The timing is fairly ironic since one of my recent d30 features was a hit-area determination chart. It's more interesting to see how my thought processes are hauntingly similar nearly 30 years later. (It could also be there's only so much you can do with a d30 hit-area determination chart.)

The old chart has some obvious shortcomings. First, the attacker's height roll adjustments should probably be broken into more than 1' increments. Second, it only accounts for a target of average adult human height. Third, the 2nd direction should probably read, "If different parts of the body are armored differently, the attacker should roll for hit area first, then roll 'to hit' based on the AC of the target area, then roll for damage if a successful 'to hit' roll is made." And fourth, I should have probably added rules (based on damage per body part) for losing use of the part altogether vs. 1d4 minutes. But, all-in-all, I wouldn't say it's too shabby for a ninth grader who didn't even have his learner's permit yet.

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  1. I like the educational heading: "Where does the weapon hit?" Makes it feel like a book used in some adventurers' anatomy class!

    This whole piece feels very much like the AD&D books. I'd love to see a retro-clone that was all written and illustrated by hand (and not some typeface that "looks" like handwriting).