Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Illustration of the Week: Elbin's Tower

From the upcoming module
OE1 The Mysterious Mist of Foxpond,
an introductory OE/BX OSR adventure
for characters level 1-3.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an old map I'd found that I did in high school in the 80s for a Wizard's Keep. Inspired by that map, as well as the Undertemple map I posted the week before, I decided to write an OE module around them called "The Mysterious Mist of Foxpond." That's where the various new OE/1E monsters have been coming from, including the guardian bramble, canine flesh golem, and (the most recent) stone skeleton.

The maps themselves have been cleaned up and altered slightly (an understatement on the undertemple - which looks completely unrecognizable now.) It includes 4 new monsters (the 3 noted above, plus another) and 12 pre-generated characters. More importantly, it's a "thinking" dungeon (more along the lines of Tomb of Horrors rather than Keep on the Borderlands.) I'm working on all the illustrations now and should have a playtest copy ready in the next couple of weeks.

From the title page: "Something dark and sinister is going on in the area of Fairmoor. A strange mist is descending upon Lightwick Haven and stealing away into the night with the young and innocent women of the village. Rumors are beginning to circulate that an ancient cult, thought to have been long absent, has returned with its sights set upon the destruction of the world. This strange force, whatever it is, must be stopped, and an end put to the nightmarish reign."

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