Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review: Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics

So I saw this book recently at my local gaming/comic shop and thought I'd do a quick review, so here it is...

I give this book five fingers (all middle.)

I can sum up everything Stan Lee knows about drawing comics books in seven words - "Hire great artists. Keep all the cash." It's as simple as that.


  1. Is this a reprint of the classic "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way", or a totally new book? I love that old John Buscema collaboration (I call it a collaboration that tongue-in-cheek).

    Incidentally, I recently bought a sable brush and steel-nibbed pen and am trying to teach myself inking art in the old-school style. Your blog here is an inspiration; thanks!

  2. I bought that book (Lee/Buscema collab) when it first came out in 1984 and loved it. From what I saw of the inside, it's a new book; if it were a rewrite of the original, I imagine he'd have to share writing credits (and, therefore, profits) with Buscema. Maybe now that I'm older, I've become very cynical about the credit comic fandom gives a man so prone to alliterative names. Let's just say Jack Kirby deserves a lot more credit in the general public for the creation of the likes of FF.

    Also, you might look into the Japanese "Zebra" brand brush pen. Gives you a pretty similar line quality compared to a sable hair brush, without the mess and hassle of dipping into a pot of India ink.

  3. And thanks for the note on being an inspiration!