Friday, November 11, 2011

d30 Mechanic of the Week: d6 Result by Rank

This week's d30 Feature was inspired by a combination of the Marvel Superheroes Universal Table and the Fudge adjective scale.

A few days ago when I was prepping this chart/post, the scope of this chart seemed rather limited in that it only represents the effect result (e.g., damage, distance, etc.) as determined normally by a roll of 1d6. It does, however, provide a curved result product based on the "potency/effectiveness" of the acting character and the "resistance" level of the opponent by providing higher results against weaker characters, and lower results against stronger characters (reducing the active character's "effectiveness.") For example, a Legendary (rank: 14) character would normally score 6 pts. out of 6 possible pts. 65+% of the time (on a normal d30 roll on his Legendary "row.") However, a Legendary character has an effective ranking of Feeble (rank: 1) against a Masterful (rank: 13) character, allowing the Legendary character no more than 1 pt. of effect (instead of 6,) and only about 10% of the time.

The more important thing here, however, is that this mechanic inspired me toward making a great leap forward with my d30 Pulp RPG project! Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for Monday's post to get an update on that.

To download a free PDF of today's chart/mechanic from MediaFire, click here.

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