Sunday, November 13, 2011

OE/BX (Cthulhu-inspired) Module OE1: Call for Playtesters

From the upcoming OE/BX module
OE1: The Mysterious Mist of Foxpond

"The statue stands about twelve feet tall and features what appears as a bipedal elephant with bat wings, an eye on the end of its trunk, a pair of tentacles in place of each of its tusks, and human hands with long claws. It is a truly disturbing vision."

I'm getting closer to having the playtest version ready, thanks to my co-conspirator David Welborn. In general the module is a fairly light one (16 pages + cover/maps) but intended to be an introduction to a longer series (the 2nd of which will be a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl with a big clue/revelation at the end, leading to the showdown in #3.)

Interested in playtesting a free copy? FYI, the module is generally written to accommodate OE (White Box), Holmes Blue Book, B/X or comparable clone rules. Drop me a comment and I'll put you on the list (first come first served; Save vs. Dragon followers get preferred position in the queue), and I'll contact you for snail mail info when I've got beta copies ready. Also, let me know you're preferred ruleset (as it will most likely have a great influence the 2 intended followup modules.)


  1. Well, I guess I'll be the first to sign up, then. I'm flexible on the ruleset--I play a mash-up of old school rulesets so I can adapt on the fly. If pushed, I prefer the simplicity of OE/S&W, but I do love me some B/X-LL and Holmes will always have a soft spot in my heart.

    1. Whoa! I I didn't realize this was a year old post! I was doing a search for the Foxpond label, and thought this was a recent request. Nevermind. . .

  2. Actually, it's on ongoing request. I'm just in the depths of re-working it right now, so it may be a while before I think it's ready. But I'll definitely make a "new" call for testers as a new post (when I think it's close to ready.)

  3. Is this request still ongoing 3 years later? I want in on these modules.