Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Starmasters Preview: Üroti (Character Race)

Üroti: (plural only used; no singular; pron. “yoo-RAH-dee”)


The Üroti are a diminutive and graceful blue-skinned race, similar in appearance to humans, save for slightly pointed ears and a small pair of antannae on their foreheads. The Üroti appear in two forms, the more common lighter-skinned variation (“Light Üroti) and a rarer darker-skinned variation (“Dark Üroti.”) While all Üroti possess a degree of psionic ability and are traditionally known as healers, the darker-skinned Üroti are naturally more more potent and capable in their healing powers than their lighter-skinned brethren. Dark Üroti are customarily cloistered and secretive of their rituals and traditions, while Light Üroti are much more sociable, welcoming and open to non-Üroti beings. Certain sensory extremes are painful to both varieties.

They once ruled a great empire with their greatest leaders being mystics, but they were utterly defeated in a war, which nearly destroyed them completely. Their government is now essentially non-functional and they control only one planet—an icy, high-gravity, mineral-poor world that is known for its relatively few life forms.

Attribute modifications: -2 STR, +1 ACC, +1 MOV, +1 INT, ±0 HPs.


The Üroti are natural psionicists. To determine the POW rating of a Üroti, roll 3d6 and add the character’s INT rating, then divide the total by 4, rounding up.

Psychic Healing: All Üroti are trained as younglings in the art of Psychic Healing. Most young adult Light Üroti operate at 2 RPs, while the eldest operate at 5 or 6 RPs. Dark Üroti operate slightly higher, with young adults at 3 RPs and the eldest Dark Üroti at 8 RPs.

Other Psionic Abilities: The secrets of training Üroti for psionic attacks are held close to the vest by the Dark Üroti. While it is not unheard for Light Üroti to be trained in attack abilities, there is only a 1 in 20 chance that a Light Üroti will have access to the proper training. The player should work with the GM to arrange for training a Üroti character (Dark or Light) and determining RPs in specific psionic abilities.

Infra-red Vision: Due to their evolution on their icy home planet, Üroti have developed the ability to “see heat” through Infra-red Vision. It reaches its pinnacle at young adulthood, with 5 effective RPs and operating at a level of 5. Both the RPs and the level of the ability will deteriorate over time, usually falling to half the normal RPs and level by the time most Üroti reach old age.

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Starmasters is the old-school science fiction game of interstellar exploration, conquest, and proliferation. (Currently in development from New Big Dragon Games Unlimited.)

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