Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Character Generator PDF

This 11"x17" PDF features tables to quickly generate Animé characters but can be easily adapted for use in fantasy, superhero and sci-fi genres for both PCs and NPCs. No ratings or points are assigned, only generalities for the following: 1) body type, 2) personality, 3) skills, and 4) powers/origin of powers.

This chart was developed as part of an early incarnation of StoryCode AG, when character generation was randomly determined rather than an extension of an archetype/pt. build system.

Note: This chart uses a d4, d6, d8 and d10; it does NOT use a d30. (Sorry to disappoint the d30 fans out there; maybe I'll adapt it for d30 use in the coming weeks.)

To download the PDF from MediaFire, click here.


  1. Nice chart, though not being familiar with the game I can't say much more--other than, not owning a d30, the lack of its use doesn't bother me. ;)

  2. Thanks, Trey. I don't think more than a few people are actually familiar with the game, as the rules have never been released and it's in sort of an "eternal development" hell. But in it's earliest form, EVERYTHING was determined randomly. It worked for a game where everybody was part of an assembled team (via government program, odd coincidence, insert other animé trope here,) but it seemed to limit the play options too much for comfort.