Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Starmasters Preview: Sluuth (Character Race)

Sluuth: (singular and plural; a “Sluuth”;
the “Sluuth”; pron. SLOO-uth)


The Sluuth are a cumbersome, multi-pedal race, which may be explained by their origins on a high-gravity world. Two sets of eyes (fore and rear) give them 360 degree vision, but their massive size requires the need for constant sustenance and causes narcoleptic behavior.

Their society is dependent on one technology—genetic engineering. As a result of their “purification” through breeding and genetics, there is little variance in appearance among individuals, making it easy to mistake one for another. Additionally, as a by-product of their self-proclaimed “genetic superiority,” they are extremely snobbish when dealing with other races.

Their world is resource-rich and features thirteen vastly different moons. Their government is a technocracy that is ethical in its own way, holding high regard and affording extreme protection to most intellectual property and technological innovation.

Attribute modifications: +1 STR, -1 ACC, -1 MOV, +1 INT, +4 HPs.


There is a reason that Sluuth are so “genetically conceited,” as they have developed a great number of special abilities through their unique approach to selective genetics.

Acid Glands
Each Sluuth possesses a pair of glands situated at the corners of his mouth that secrets an acidic substance that aids in digestion. They are also able to squirt this secretion at a distance of 1 meter (1 hex,) with the secretion acting as a Type I Acid, with 1 RP on the C Effect Scale.

Resistant Skin
Sluuth skin has been bred to be as protective as possible, giving adult Sluuth Acid, Fire and Electrical Resistance (at 1 RP each,) and a Natural Armor of 1 RP.

Water Abilities
Sluuth have the ability to breathe and move underwater freely with their ACC and MOV unaffected.

Psionic Inability
While the Sluuth’s self-acquired evolution has made them stronger and more intelligent, it has also limited their capacity for natural psionics. Sluuth are, therefore, incapable of achieving psionic abilities without the aid of some sort of external psionic stimulant in the form of neurological equipment. Ironically, their hubris keeps most Sluuth from admitting they need such devices and, as such, will rarely use them.

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Starmasters is the old-school science fiction game of interstellar exploration, conquest, and proliferation. (Currently in development from New Big Dragon Games Unlimited.)

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