Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Judges Glut (er... I mean "Guild.")

For a while now (about 20 years,) I've made the rounds of the local Half Price Books stores on a regular basis, looking for bargain additions to my RPG collection. (I had a much longer rant here about how there are no more bargains at HPB now that their buyers are looking up things on the internet and pricing them comparably to the likes higher end ebay sellers, Troll and Toad, Noble Knight Games and Wayne's World of Books.) Gone are the days when I could pick up a copy of Superhero 2044 for $3.98. Now the only thing I can get for that kind of price is stuff like this...

What I really want to know is where all of this Judges Guild stuff came from suddenly a few months ago. If I never see another copy of Fifty Starbases, Tancred, or Tarlkin's Landing it will be too soon. (Not to mention Hazard, even though I did buy a copy for myself as a companion to owning Superhero 2044.) Don't worry, I haven't seen anything as desirable as City State of the Invincible Overlord or The First Fantasy Campaign, but I was able to pick up a few copies of The Dungeoneer, as well as Heroes and Villains, Fantastic Personalities, and Ready Ref Sheets. But honestly, I paid about the same as they're going for on ebay (and that's if you include S&H.)

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