Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another 24-Hour RPG Design Opportunity Missed

For years, I've had intentions of participating in the 24-Hour RPG Design Contest. This year's theme "Harder than Granite" was of particular interest to me. With the scale being limited to a pocketmod format, I thought, "Surely, I can find the 4-5 hours I might need to pull this off, since in the past finding 24-hours proved difficult." But, as many of you may have read in yesterday's blog post, life conspired against me. BTW, in addition to the size limitations, the other thing that made this theme "harder than granite" was the rule that the game could not use numbers!

I've had a chance to check out a few of the entries. As subject matter goes, they're seem to be pretty standard fair. Because this year's theme was driven by format and mechanics, that seems to be where the entrants' work was focused. In the past, subject-based themes seem to have proved for more ingenious game subjects/worlds.

A couple of years ago for the "Movie Mashup" theme, I'd plans for writing an RPG mashing up Apocalypse Now and The Blues Brothers entitled Apocalypse Blues, wherein all missions would be missions from God. Not sure what happened to my time that year. Same as always, I'm sure. BTW, The winner that year was The Droog Family Songbook, a mashup of A Clockwork Orange and The Sound of Music; it can be downloaded from this page. >>

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