Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New U.S. Spy Satellite Logo is a bit too
"Cthulhu-esque" for my Peace-of-Mind

I've long been a big conspiracy theorist. For example, I believe the JFK assassination was a plot to keep alien technology gleaned from Area 51 in the hands of government contractors (instead of the public).

So is it surprising that I believe something sinister, nay... LOVECRAFTIAN may be at work behind the NRO? That's just my theory. The new NROL-39 logo does, however, smack of James Bond's nemesis SPECTRE and 1950s anti-communist propaganda.

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  1. The stars are right.


  2. WTF... is a former employee of KAOS, or Dr. Evil's doing graphic design now?
    I guess they figured an iron boot stamping on the head of lady liberty was a little too much.