Monday, December 16, 2013

I put my name in the hat for Tim Snider's
The Obsolete Simulations Roundup

Tim Snider over at The Savage Afterworld is hosting a bloghop on December 29th entitled The Obsolete Simulations Roundup wherein OSR bloggers "trumpet the praises of their favorite, forgotten, classic RPGs." I'll be covering what might be the most obscure superhero RPG on the planet, Brian Phillips' The Official Superhero Adventure Game from 1981. How obscure? Well, let's just say it didn't make the cut for the History of Superhero RPGs series over at the Age of Ravens blog.

Check out a few other rare/obscure
things from my RPG collection. >>

Read how the obscure Sci-fi RPG
Space Infantry inspired me
to write my own RPG in the mid-80s. >>


  1. Say, I have a copy of "The Official Superhero Adventure Game." Never played, I'd love to read what you have to say about the game.

  2. I've actually never played it either. I'm going to try to get something going later this week of over this coming weekend to see how it plays. Might be online (via Roll20).