Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Illustration of the Week: New d30 Companion Back Cover Image

So in making the final tweaks (i.e., "edits") to the d30 DM Companion and starting work on the d30 Sandbox Companion, I realized that the old back cover image for the d30 DM Companion made a better sandbox cover (or back cover.) The d30 DM Companion needed a "dungeon" back cover. So, like many other OSR artists before me, I've paid homage to Trampier's PHB cover. It just felt right. And the fact that the gem eyes allowed me to easily draw them as d30s didn't hurt either.

Image ©2012, Richard Jean LeBlanc, Jr./New Big Dragon Games Unlimited. This image is NOT CREATIVE COMMONS! You must have my permission for all uses of this image.

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