Friday, February 3, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Heraldry Generator

Again, this one is sort of self-explanatory, and is slated to be part of the d30 Wilderness Companion. It creates over 27,000 variants of spatial division, colors and charges.

To download a free PDF of today's chart from MediaFire, click here.

d3 DM Companion Update: I hope to finish the proofreading today on the d30 DM Companion. Then I just need to try one more print run test and the sumbitch will be ready!


  1. Thanks, Jeff! I'm just glad for a slow work day and free vector clip art for the various animal charges. This one took a little longer than my standard d30 pages, mostly because the dogs kept interrupting me this morning while I was trying to draw all the spatial divisions. Ironically, that part took longer than getting all the graphics on the right-hand side together.

  2. Looks great. Can't wait for the companions to go on sale.

  3. Ah, lovely! This'll be a might more useful in a pinch than digging out my heraldry book.