Monday, February 27, 2012

d30 DM Companion Update: New Back Cover Image

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Dave had remarked that my first version of the new back cover image (below) for the d30 DM Companion felt like the guys and background were more interesting than the statue, and he was right. I think the new version (at top) is much more dynamic.

Both images ©2012, Richard Jean LeBlanc, Jr./New Big Dragon Games Unlimited. These images are NOT CREATIVE COMMONS! You must have my permission for all uses of these images.


  1. The new version definitely looks alot cooler. Also I just got my dragon button in the mail today, I pinned it onto my dicebag. Thanks a bunch!

  2. ( You know, I have to say .. it never occurred to me just how "modest" the first statue was .... )

    ... and yes, much more dynamic, more three-dimensional, and more like I don't want to meet the group who worship to it.


  3. @ Pierce - You're quite welcome!

    @Welbo - you mean the cult of the flaming crotch?

    1. It was the first version that was the shy one.

    2. I was meaning that the group you wouldn't want to meet (the new one) is the cult of the flaming crotch.