Saturday, February 25, 2012

How To Embalm A Corpse!!!

In doing some "research" this week, I was perusing through the online copy of Weird Terror #13 from September of 1954 and came across this informative little article. I'm not really sure what pre-teen boy in 1954 might do with this information, but I honestly have a more interesting question... was this "essay" a copy of the one written by author Robert Benchley as a satirical response to a school assignment (c. 1908?) when asked to write and essay about "something practical?" (BTW, Robert is the grandfather of Peter, author of Jaws.) Questions aside, I thought this might have place in some folks' game worlds, so I present it to you for your perusal and/or use as source material.

Special thanks to "leinad" who scanned in this public domain gem for the Digital Comic Museum.

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