The Community Geomorph Project

- Christian Sturke at Rorschach Hamster
- Boric G. at The Dwarven Stronghold
- Matthew W. Schmeer at Rended Press
- Chris Creel
- Andrew Shields at Fictive Fantasies
- David Welborn
Inspired by Matthew Schmeer's "The Trouble With Troglodytes" community project over at Rended Press, I've been inspired to start one at these digs as well.

1) Download the PDF or JPG of the master sheet (see downloads below).

2) Either print out the PDF or JPG, scribble in your geomorph details, then scan it back into the computer... OR simply work over the JPG in any drawing program. Just make sure to leave the "open" edges of the graph "open" so that tunnels and hallways can be connected from geomorph to geomorph. (Don't know what a geomorph is? Click here.)

3) Send your scribbles, sketches or whatever to comgeo (at the domain) newbigdragon (dot) com, and include how you'd like your credit line to appear. I don't care if you do one page or five. Or even just one quarter of one page. You can make the four quadrants on the page work together or not; doesn't matter. (I did type some more instructions here, but thought they might inhibit creativity, so I'm going to keep my fingers shut.)

4) I'll take all the submitted geomorph drawings and them and the "redraw" them all into one "consistent" style. If you've downloaded The Auroral Arcazal of Aethaungor or The Inexplicable Ice Tower of Inverlock Isle (now both on the Old-school Adventures™ page), that's pretty much the style we're talking about here.

5) All of the geomorphs will then be compiled into one master PDF for free download by all.

I imagine this will go through the summer, so don't send stuff back this week expecting to see the PDF by next week's session. And as long as the project goes on, feel free to continue submitting geomorphs. I'll let you know when the "submission period" is closed.

I'll try to make Wednesdays on the blog the update day for the project (Tuesday is "monster of the week" day and Friday is "d30 day," so that didn't leave too much choice), but this page is the "go to" place for updates and info. (There's a link at the top of the blog page, below the header, to get you here quickly.)

Questions? Leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Community Geomorph Master Sheet as PDF
Community Geomorph Master Sheet as low res JPG

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  1. Count me in. Sharpening my pencil while the file's downloading.

  2. Would you be opposed to having the tiles also be used on Dave's Mapper? (

    I'm ramping back up with updates and hoping to continue adding new tilesets, and would love the opportunity to include these.

    1. I know they will be redrawn for this project, but I did 2 pages (8 geomorphs.) If you want to use them, I saved them in Photoshop so I can turn the grid off and on, so if you want un-gridded versions that is cool.

      What would be the minimum number of geomorphs you'd want to participate in your awesome web site?

  3. @David - I'm cool with that, and I don't imagine anyone here will have a problem. I'll put that out there to "the community" as part of the first update next week, and gauge everyone's reaction.

  4. Count us in. We're (finally) wrapping-up a revised set of geomorphs for David, so we're happy to see you guys communicating/cooperating. Nice to see that sort of thing happen. It benefits us all.

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  6. I've turned in one page in support. This is a fun idea.

  7. @Luka. It's going well. I think I'm still on track with my "one per day" conversion goal (see the blog posts concerning the project via the link above), and should be fairly close to finishing the conversions of all the current submissions by Sunday or Monday. At that point, I'll be updating everyone via a blog post, sending PDFs out to the existing submitters (to approve the conversions of their work), and sending out a call for more submissions (based on "needs" for certain types of geomorphs that I may feel are missing from the whole of the submissions).

  8. So what's the update on this project?

  9. @KM. It will be coming back to the front burner on May 1 (after the A-to-Z month is complete).

    1. awesome!
      Now that A-Z month is over, I'm really looking forward to seeing this project pick back up!

  10. I would LOVE to see a new style of geomorph. Picture a big big big round area. There are three rings. Each ring is 6 squares thick. The geomorph are the 60'diameter center room, the 60' thick 1st ring and the 60' thick outer ring. This is prompted from B4 The lost city adventure.

  11. Technically, yes. Realistically no. We've never shut it down (obviously). But There are a great number of projects that have taken priority in the pipeline. Nobody has been submitting drawings for a while, and when they do, the drawings are just getting stored indefinitely.