Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A Heartfelt Thanks!

I just wanted to issue a heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to support me and my gaming efforts. You humble me with your response to the things that I publish, and I hope they continue to bring enjoyment, excitement, and fun to your gaming tables!!!


  1. Holy cow, Mithral? Those two are still about the best value I've ever gotten out of a RPG product.

  2. I purchased a whole ton of your products at North Texas RPG Con, and I want to tell you that they are amazing! I love them. The quality is excellent, and they are so usable as well. I'm going to keep my eye out for future work from you. Keep them coming! Looking forward to more zines, too! Very satisfied customer.

  3. You do great work!! I'm still hoping for that Anthro OSR book! Hint hint