Friday, May 29, 2015

d30 Feature of the Week: d30 Castle Encounters

Alrighty, folks! Got another d30 chart for you this week. Today's PDF download is a d30 Castle Encounters page. This is meant to compliment the Castle Generator tables found on pages 26-27 of the d30 Sandbox Companion.

The first table features background information on the castle owner (sample results include: conspirator in plan to kill king/queen, nearing death, has no heirs, and successful merchant who bought his/her title).

The second table features quirks about the staff (sample results include: addicted to opiates, fearful of outsiders, and telepathic).

The third table features castle features (sample results include: being used as secret brothel, extensively trapped, and haunted by previous tenants).

Finally, the fourth table features impending events, and notes the chance of the castle owner being aware of the impending event (sample results include: attack from a monster, birth in the family, and visit from a religious figure).

Click here to download a free PDF of d30 Castle Encounters page from MediaFire.


  1. This is eerily relevant to my current project...

  2. Hi! What do you think about free fan Russian translation of this table?

  3. Would you be willing to share your templates, so that it would be easy for others to create cool looking d30 worksheets? (And what editor does it use.....)