Friday, May 22, 2015

d30 Feature of the Week: Chimera Generator

Holee krap! It's hard to believe it's been nearly 9 months since my last post of a d30 chart.
Is it any coincidence that was right before I took over Petty Gods? I think not.

I've got a whole big ol' list of d30 chart ideas, and time is finally freeing up a bit (though work has been getting crazier), so I'm hoping to get back to my regular Friday posting of d30 downloads.

Today, I present the d30 Chimera Generator.

Click here to download a free PDF of d30 Chimera Generator page from MediaFire.


  1. Very Cool! I have a location where this would come in really handy...

  2. Danke! Stuff like this begs for use.

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  4. this is missing a bit of info even for a monster generator.
    where the saves? fort, will, reflex & the BAB?
    why are it's HD so low (max 8 +1/h if h=3 then 10)
    what feats does it gets? heck Siz/type would be nice too.
    its miss about 1 maybe 2 pages of info.

    1. Forgot to mention ability scores.

    2. I could see how you'd think information was missing if you grew up on 3rd edition or later. This is an OSR piece, intended for early edition gaming (OD&D, B/X, BECMI and 1st & 2nd edition D&D). Saving throws in those editions are not W/F/R. Instead, they are saves vs. poison, breath, paralysis, wands and spells, and those saves for monsters are based on saving throws by class (e.g., a 5HD monster usually saves as a 5th level fighter) and those saving throw numbers are predetermined in charts. As for BAB, since old school combat uses charts to determine "to hit" roll needed by the attacker, the BAB is built into the charts. As for why the HD are so, it's because, again, this is for older editions that pre-date the power creep of newer editions (where monsters have 100s of hit points because the players want a tabletop video game). As for monster size, I assumed those that need them could base that on the size of the body of the chimera in question. As for feats... again, more power creep that came in at 3e and later. As for ability scores... again, something that monsters don't have in early editions.

      Hope that helps!