Sunday, July 27, 2014

Working on making my BX/LL Character Record Sheets as complete as possible...

As part of the included items and stretch goals for the BX DM Screen I'm developing, I'm versioning my BX/LL character record sheet to each specific class, and including all the relevant information for each class on the actual record sheet. This is something that a lot of other editions have, but I don't know that I've ever seen for BX/LL. It includes checkboxes for +5%/+10% in the XP area (as well as a space to record hp needed to reach next level), notes on special abilities (e.g., infravision and distances, bonuses to check traps/doors, spaces to put target rolls for Cleric's turning, etc.), the type of HD to be used under the hit point box, notations on prime requisites and experience point bonuses, and other goodies throughout. There's a generic version of course (already available at the link at the beginning of this paragraph). Originally, I was going to leave space for spells; instead, I'm working on separate spell sheets for clerics and MUs/Elves that give space to list each spell's range, duration, area of effect, etc., in addition to provided the spells by level information for those classes.

The idea is that, between these character record sheets and the DM screen itself, you will rarely (if ever) have to reference the rule books during the game (assuming the monster stats have been provided ahead of time, which I try to do in EVERY adventure I write and produce for publication).

Pictured below: top-left) group shot (), top-right) CU of Thief character record sheet showing Thieves' abilities spaces, bottom-left) CU of Thief character record sheet showing "to hit" boxes w/ backstab note & hit point box with indication of die-type, bottom-right) CU of Halfling character record sheet showing item use restrictions.