Monday, August 19, 2013

BX DM Screen Part II

Here's the 2nd set of panels for the BX DM screen I'm working on. The inside left panel has hireling/henchmen recruitment information, including mercenary types and pay, as well as specialist types, salaries, and abilities. The middle panel is movement and encumbrance. And the inside right panel is equipment costs and treasure type information (using my d20-based treasure type table, instead of those damned percentages that make calculating treasure a bitch).

The thing I'm particularly fond of is the outside. I love the way the Arthur Rackham illustrations lined up to create a sort triptych. I just hope the printing holds up based on the type of scan this is. Speaking of...

I've got pricing on doing some digital prints of this (en masse), and my buddy at the print shop is going to run me off a couple of samples to show me the how the cover stock will work on the the digital press, as well as how the scans will hold up in digital format. Hopefully, I'll have those some time later this week. Other than that, it only needs a little bit of proofing before I decide how to proceed with this.

Oh, and to answer a question from the previous post... these are not physical mockups... yet!
These are just computer "renderings" from the final art/layout.

And for quick comparison, here are the first panel layouts...


  1. Replies
    1. Not yet. But we'll be getting some feedback on it while we're at the North Texas RPG Con regarding content and pricing. If things go well there, these may be ready for purchase sometime in July.

  2. Did this ever become a reality?

    1. Working on finalizing content, pricing and stretch goals. Hope to launch kickstarter in mid-August.

  3. That is slick as hell! I'm definitely putting this on my "to buy" list!

  4. Oh...with the Rackham Illustrations. I want this so badly, I'm salivating for it.

  5. Very awesome! I am looking forward to this one.

  6. Replies
    1. We'll be working out final pricing this week (including shipping weights, etc.), as well as getting the final content elements into the hands of some folks to help review/proof. So hoping to launch Kickstarter just after July 4 weekend.