Monday, May 20, 2019

Dragon Horde "Zine", Vol. 2, Issue 1 — "Wherein Evil Lies"

So here's the final interior preview of the book, and it should be available at the NTRPGCon in a few weeks. It's now 12 pages longer than original expected. Fully written as a BX/BECMI thing.

Now available in print for $6 through >>

And as PWYW PDF from DriveThruRPG >>

  • 3 new classes: Deathslayer, Witch Doctor, Half-orc (Assassin)
  • 9 new spells: fatigue, death rage, mummy's touch, ossify, revenance, wailing fear, necrotic portal, greater ossify, aura of fear
  • 6 new magic items: equinox orb, fiendish mantle, hammer of salvation, plague mace, purity ring, stole of radiance
  • 7 new basic psionic abilities: infuse terror, psychic vampire, destiny dissonance, aura of fear, psionic daze, crisis of breath, shadow twin
  • 6 new monsters: atori, cackler, crypt riddler, korper, hill haunt, spawn of Chuamisi
  • optional rules for killing vampires
  • new petty god & minion: Anguia Umbra (petty god of iophilia, toxicophilia, assassins) and his chimera minion/familiar Azamus
  • an adventure for 5-7 characters of 3rd-5th level: The Black Chapel
  • new d30 tables: quirks caused by becoming unhinged, methods of sacrifice, evil hooks & seeds for encounters and adventures

Sunday, April 14, 2019

I'm still alive and well...
and working on something new! (sort of)

Okay. Here's the preview of what I've been secretly working on the last few months (during the little time here and there that I had -- mainly as a distraction from life things). It was going to be a mini-splatbook of evil stuff, and it came out as Dragon Horde Volume 2, Issue 1. Welbo and I are still figuring out the final format (though it will be in the digest-to-6x9 range), with color cover and B&W interior.

It uses all PD images with mostly new content (1 article is picked up from an old blog post, and the new magic items were mainly pulled from the magic item community I had going over at G+). The final content includes:
  • new class: deathslayer
  • new class: shadow walker
  • new spells
  • new magic items
  • optional rules for killing vampires
  • 4 new monsters: crypt riddler, korper, hill haunt, spawn of Chuamisi
  • new petty god (Anguia Umbra, petty god of toxicophilia) and his spawn (Azamu)
  • a low-to-mid level adventure (The Black Chapel)
  • a couple of d30 tables (quirks caused by becoming unhinged; methods of sacrifice)

And here's the preview (there will be some minor changes—I've already realized one major oversight).