Saturday, October 31, 2020

New Monster: Ghoulfish

I recently completed #inktober2020, and for several of the images created some things that could be new monsters. This was the day 1 prompt — fish.

A ghoulfish is a bulky thing, measuring about 6' long from tip of lip to end of tail. It is a ghostly, glowing white, making the area around it seem darker. They are solitary travelers, Abyssal natives found both in Hell and the Abyss as they move up and down the river Styx, occasionally emerging in the Astral Sea. They are constantly swimming, always on the hunt to consume the life force of living creatures. 

The bite of a ghoulfish does 2d6 hit points of damage and drains 1 level from the victim (no saving throw permitted). The loss is permanent but may be regained through continued experience acquisition. 

Ghoulfish are not affected by sleep, charm, or hold spells, nor are they affected by mind reading or controlling effects. Furthermore, a +1 or better weapon is required "to hit" a ghoulfish. 

Should a resurrection attempt be made on a humanoid creature killed by a ghoulfish, the body of the deceased must be completely submerged when the attempt is made. If successful, the character must be immediately pulled out from the water/liquid, and a successful save vs. death throw made for the now-living character to avoide immediately dying again from drowning. If another character assists on the save (only 1 character may assist), the assisting character's Intelligence bonus applies to the saving throw vs. drowning (e.g., if a character with a +3 Intelligence bonus assists, the character gets a +3 bonus on the save vs. death to avoid the drowning).

FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: /6"
% IN LAIR: 0
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +1 or better
    weapon "to hit"
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral 
SIZE: M (6' long)
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

HIT DICE: 7+1**
MOVE: /60'(20')
ATTACKS: 1 bite
DAMAGE: 2-12 + special
SAVE AS: Fighter:7

Sunday, October 4, 2020

New Magic Items

The players in my biweekly group just finished up a tomb that took most of the late summer to complete. I thought I'd share all the new magic items that came to them during their delving. Here you go!

Axe of Focus
The wooden haft of this +1 axe is covered in Dwarvish lettering inlaid with gold. It reads, “In the battle, it is you alone I see.” Once per day, the wielder may choose as the axe’s sworn enemy any creature in the wielder’s line of sight. Any successful attack against that creature does an additional 1d6 damage. Even if that creature dies, the axe may not be given another sworn enemy until the next dawn. If a new sworn enemy is given to the axe, it loses its advantages over any previous sworn enemy.

Bow of Magic Missiles
Once every three rounds, this +1 short bow is able to shoot a magic missile that strikes it target automatically for 1d4+1 damage.

Bracelet of Success
When wearing this ring, all failed “to hit” rolls and saving throws have a 1-in-6 chance of succeeding, regardless of the original roll. Additionally, once per week, a single roll of the player’s choosing succeeds. This use must be announced by the player before the roll is made. Alternately, the player may relinquish that guaranteed success for a 50% chance to succeed (after the fact) on a roll that failed.

Cap of Solitude
This calotte of blue fabric adorned with with pearls provides user a +1 AC bonus, as well as the following abilities: invisibility (as ring; usable at will); silence (15' radius; centered on wearer; usable at will but requires complete concentration to maintain); and hold portal (as MU spell; 1×/day).

Crown of Chills
The surface of this 1" wide band of light-blue steel has a frosty appearance, and the item itself is cool to the touch. Three times per day, it provide the ability of an icy gaze; any creature within the wearer’s line of sight must save vs. spells or be frozen in place for 1d4+1 rounds. This may be used as a free action against a melee opponent. Additionally, once per day, it provides the ability of icy breath. This is a cone of cold that is 10' long and 5' wide at it's terminus. All caught in its path take 4d4 cold damage (a save vs. breath havles this damage).

The distinguishing physical feature of this stunning, steely white sword is its guard, which features a pair angel wings, inlaid with silver. The sword is neutral, has in Intelligence of 6, and communicates with simple urges (it desires to cause dream). On a successful “to hit” roll, the target must save vs. spells or be in a daydream daze for 1 round (unable to act). Additionally, once per day, the sword is able to emit a dreamwave. All living, sentient creatures within a 10' radius must save vs. paralysis or fall into a daydream state for 1d4 rounds. While in this state, they imagine themselves as the wielder and are unable to perform any other actions until the state ends. The sword also allows the owner the ability to dream travel (as the 6th level magic-user spell) for up to 8 hours.

Gloves of Repulsion
These gloves of pebbly brown leather are brutally ugly, with poorly cut swatches and uneven stitching. The gloves are cursed, lowering the owner’s Charisma by 3 while in their possession. They cannot be given away (due to curse) but they can be removed (though the Charisma penalty remains). However, while worn, they provide the wearer a –3 AC bonus. Removing the curse also removes the AC bonus, and would render them no more than an ugly pair of gloves.

Mirror Mace
+1 mace; each successful strike creates a mirror image of the user. Mirror images created in this manner persist for 1 turn or until struck by an attack (whichever comes first). Additionally once per day, the mace can create 1d4+1 mirror images that persist for 6 turns or until struck.

Putrid Pendant
Usable 3x/day. Gives off a revolting, stomach-twisting stench. Living creatures within 10' of the wearer must save vs. poison or be sickened for 5 rounds (–2 on attack and save rolls). Creatures that successfully save cannot be affected by the same item for 24 hours.

Ring of Clarity
This silver band inlaid with diamond chips provides the wearer immunity to all nature of confusion effects of (including poisons, magic, psionics, etc.).

Ring of Intimidation
3x times per day, allows the wearer to weaken an opponent’s resolve in combat through intimidation (no saving throw allowed). This may only be used used against a melee opponent with whom the character is engaged, and who can see the character. The opponent becomes shaken for 3 rounds, suffering a –2 penalty on attack rolls and saving throws. An opponent can only be intimidated once per encounter.

Soulstealing Gem
Once per day, this chunk of black quartz allows the user to trap a target creature’s soul (and material presence) in the gem for a duration of 1 hour. The target must be with a range of 30', and they are permitted a save vs. spells to avoid the effect. On a failed save, the creature and everything they are holding/carrying are “sucked” into the gem. After 1 hour, the gem will “spit back out” the creature and its belongings. This item does not work on green (psionic) tigers.

Wight’s Finger
Appears as a shriveled black finger strung from a black leather string. On each successful melee attack, the wearer drains 1 additional hit point from the target and replaces one lost hit point of their own. Additionally, once per day, the the finger allows the wearer to drain 1d6+1 hit from a target to replace lost hit points of their own. This is automatic against willing targets. A successful “to hit” roll is required for unwilling targets. A failed “to hit” roll does not discharge this ability for the day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

House Rule: Thieves’ Ability: Find/Disarm Traps

I have an adventure I'm working on that relies heavily on the theives' ability to find/remove traps. I've really put some thought into the traps themselves, and don't want to have that dismissed by a binary (fail/pass) roll to discover the trap. So I developed these tables based on the Cleric's Turning table, but using 3d6 instead of 2d6.

I prefer the 3d6 probability curve better than 2d6 or 1d20. It's why when I do attribute checks, I have player roll under their stat on 3d6 (like The Fantasy Trip).

Should get a chance to break them in this weekend.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Just a few things to have some new material on the blog for comment spammers to add links to their online betting sites and proofreading software..

This 2-handed +1 sword does 1d10+1 on successful “to hit” roll). At the will of the wielder, the sword shines with light (as the MU spell, must be holding to use) until the sword is unhanded or the wielder dismisses the effect. Once per day, the sword may cast phantasmal force (as the MU spell). This requires holding the sword and maintaining complete concentration (no movement or actions may be otherwise taken or the effect is dismissed).

Barkskin Oil
When rubbed into the skin, this oil toughens the skin for 12 hours, providing a –2 AC bonus for the duration. A standard vial contains enough for a dwarf or larger to use once, and for a halfling or gnome to use twice.

Dagger of Devastation
This humble looking +1 dagger features leather wrapped handle and a small striking rune (similar to an asterisk) on the butt of the hilt. Once per week, is can be used to improve attack and damage rolls for 1 turn. All attacks made while this effect is active benefit from +1d6 "to hit" (rolled with, and added to, the result of the normal d20 “to hit” roll), with an additional 1d6 damage being done on each successful “to hit” roll. While this effect is active, it overrides the +1 benefits of the dagger (i.e., the effect is not cumulative with the +1 bonuses).

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A few new magic items...

Just a few things to have some new material on the blog for comment spammers to add links to their online betting sites and proofreading software..

Visor of the Bat
(Usable by any allowed to wear armor.)
The visor of this simple bascinet helmet features no holes, but is engraved with the face of a bat, its mouth wide open (as if it is screeching). Normally, this helmet acts as a +1 helmet, but when the visor is closed, the helmet emits a soft, high-pitched ringing sound and the helmet provides the wearer the ability of echolocation. Without the use of traditional vision, the wearer is able to "see" in the darkness (using radar-sense provided by the closed helmet) to a distance of 30'. Because the echolocation requires the ringing sound to be effective, the helmet does not work in areas of magical silence.

Dancing Melee Band
(Usable by anyone allowed to use a single-handed melee weapon.)
Inscribed around the circumference of this flat silver band are a series of dancing figures each holding a variety of single-handed melee weapon (e.g., a sword, an axe, a dagger, etc.). During melee combat, the wearer moves so gracefully, they appear to be dancing. While engaged, this provides them a –1 bonus to AC (even against ranged attacks made into the melee), and a +1 bonus on all melee "to hit" rolls. If the wearer is not engaged, the ring provides no benefits.

Armor of Buoyancy
(Permitted to any allowed to wear plate armor.)
The surface of this icy-blue steel +1 plate armor features delicate scrollwork engraving reminiscent of curing ocean waves. Though it normally has the same weight and encumbrance as standard steel plate, it is buoyant in volumes of water or similar liquids (but not in viscous substances like lava, mud, or quicksand). The maximum swimming speed of any character wearing this armor is 30'(10').

Monday, May 20, 2019

Dragon Horde "Zine", Vol. 2, Issue 1 — "Wherein Evil Lies"

So here's the final interior preview of the book, and it should be available at the NTRPGCon in a few weeks. It's now 12 pages longer than original expected. Fully written as a BX/BECMI thing.

Now available in print for $6 through >>

And as PWYW PDF from DriveThruRPG >>

  • 3 new classes: Deathslayer, Witch Doctor, Half-orc (Assassin)
  • 9 new spells: fatigue, death rage, mummy's touch, ossify, revenance, wailing fear, necrotic portal, greater ossify, aura of fear
  • 6 new magic items: equinox orb, fiendish mantle, hammer of salvation, plague mace, purity ring, stole of radiance
  • 7 new basic psionic abilities: infuse terror, psychic vampire, destiny dissonance, aura of fear, psionic daze, crisis of breath, shadow twin
  • 6 new monsters: atori, cackler, crypt riddler, korper, hill haunt, spawn of Chuamisi
  • optional rules for killing vampires
  • new petty god & minion: Anguia Umbra (petty god of iophilia, toxicophilia, assassins) and his chimera minion/familiar Azamus
  • an adventure for 5-7 characters of 3rd-5th level: The Black Chapel
  • new d30 tables: quirks caused by becoming unhinged, methods of sacrifice, evil hooks & seeds for encounters and adventures

Sunday, April 14, 2019

I'm still alive and well...
and working on something new! (sort of)

Okay. Here's the preview of what I've been secretly working on the last few months (during the little time here and there that I had -- mainly as a distraction from life things). It was going to be a mini-splatbook of evil stuff, and it came out as Dragon Horde Volume 2, Issue 1. Welbo and I are still figuring out the final format (though it will be in the digest-to-6x9 range), with color cover and B&W interior.

It uses all PD images with mostly new content (1 article is picked up from an old blog post, and the new magic items were mainly pulled from the magic item community I had going over at G+). The final content includes:
  • new class: deathslayer
  • new class: shadow walker
  • new spells
  • new magic items
  • optional rules for killing vampires
  • 4 new monsters: crypt riddler, korper, hill haunt, spawn of Chuamisi
  • new petty god (Anguia Umbra, petty god of toxicophilia) and his spawn (Azamu)
  • a low-to-mid level adventure (The Black Chapel)
  • a couple of d30 tables (quirks caused by becoming unhinged; methods of sacrifice)

And here's the preview (there will be some minor changes—I've already realized one major oversight).